Trading Partner Agreement

Claim Correspondence Form

Vaccines for Children Program billing guidelines

Update Taxonomy Code

Update to Sanctioned Provider Edit

Coordination of benefits — policy update

Reimbursement Limitation for CPT Codes 99214 and 99215

E59 denials — attending taxonomy missing/invalid

Physician Fee Schedule - POS Mapping

New place of service code for telehealth

Facility clinic charge reimbursement policy

IMPORTANT Claims Edits for ORPA Providers

Facility Clinic Charge Bulletin

CMS-1500 Form & UB04 Taxonomy Code Requirements

Copays Removed from All Medical Service

Fee Schedule Reimbursement

PCP Rate Increase Decommissioning Update

Reimbursement for Professional Vision Services

ICD-10 Coding Update

CMS, AMA help providers prepare for ICD-10 transition

Update: Dental Screening Code D0109

Submitting corrected claims electronically

Lesser of Application

Update to Attending Provider Billing Requests

Reduction in reimbursement to nonparticipating providers

Sanctioned Provider Edits

Provider Appeals - Medical Necessity and Payment

Claim denial — Z21 provider type

Alliant Health Solutions Partnership

Federally qualified health center and rural health center claims encounters

DRG Outlier Claims Updated

Frequently asked questions on Ordering, Referring, Prescribing and Attending edits

Notice to EMS Providers

Multiple Radiology Payment Reduction

Claims billed with modifiers GR, GY, GX and GZ

Participating hospitals: nonpriced codes effective April 15, 2018

Billing Guidelines for Transgender Members

Changes to prior authorization

Multiple Radiology Payment Reduction Reimbursement Policy Update

Listing of high-tech radiology procedure codes